Securing Your Financial Future STUDENT LOAN PAYMENT DUE: New ways to reach debt relief

The student loan landscape has been changing and the AFT is working hard to be sure members know how to navigate it and get debt relief as soon as possible. The biggest news is that, after a three-year hiatus, borrowers will have to start making their student loan payments again beginning Oct. 1. The next biggest news? The SAVE plan, a more generous income-driven repayment plan that will save borrowers thousands of dollars and qualify them for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. As you dig into the details below, remember that the AFT has your back, with student debt clinics and online resources to guide you through. And, we will continue to advocate for big-picture policy change so that everyone can afford to get the higher education they deserve, without having to take on a lifetime of debt to do it.


Student loan borrowers are dreading the resumption of their loan payments after a three-year hiatus that began during the pandemic. Interest on student loans started accruing again Sept. 1; loan payments resume Oct. 1. To help ease the transition, the Department of Education has made some changes, including much more generous parameters for income-driven repayment. The AFT is here to help you sort through it all and find the best pathway to debt relief, with weekly student debt clinics, resources at, and access to Summer, an online resource that helps AFT members navigate srudent loan repayment for free.  Sign up for a clinic here.